1000+ Cookie Recipes

1000+ Cookie Recipes


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About 1000+ Cookie Recipes

Amazingly easy to use recipe app that features 1000+ recipes for cookies!

No ads, just great recipes!

The recipes are searchable by name and searchable by ingredient, allowing you to build an exciting menu around the food items that you have on hand. The application offers over 1000+ recipes categorized within the main menu for easy navigation and access:

Traditional cookies such as Boston creams, cappuccino flats, caramel cookies, and more.

Worldwide regional favorites such as Greek cookies, Italian cookies, Mexican cookies and many, many others.

Holiday cookie recipes including Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving, cookies and Halloween, too!

Shaped cookies including tassies, sandwich cookies, thumbprints and more.

Fruit based cookies with jelly, jam and fresh fruit fillings and toppings.

Oatmeal cookies of all tastes, varieties and sizes.

Chocolate cookie recipes from A-to-Z, mixed, filled, swirled, topped - you name it!

Also includes no-bake cookies, cookie press cookies, shortbread cookies, brownies and blondies!

All in one searchable application.

You will love our cookie recipes and our exciting application features.

Key features

  • Search recipes by ingredient tool has been included.
  • We have added a small image gallery with images that rotate throughout the app. We plan to include additional images as users submit them.
  • Increase the number of recipes to now over 1000!