ABC Learn Alphabet Kids

ABC Learn Alphabet Kids

Learn the alphabet from A to Z
Learn to write the letters
Learn to identify the letters
Multiple examples with each letter
Activities to help learn
Learn alphabetical order
Learn the letter in various forms
Learn in other languages

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About ABC Learn Alphabet Kids

In this game, your kid or student easily learn the complete alphabet from A to Z, helping in preschool teaching.
The alphabet in a very complete way! Learn each letter in detail, with audio, writing, various examples and activities.

Each letter has 26 activities that help to identify, write and apply in words, also being able to choose the sequence of 100 phases of activities,
that help to learn in an evolutionary way and the difficulty increases with each completed phase.

From A to Z is a menu where we learn the letters of the alphabet in their sequence, with 16 activities that teach writing, organizing and exemplifying in alphabetical order.

Activities you will find:

  • Know the alphabet
  • Click on the letter
  • Find the letter
  • Pop all the balloons with the letter
  • Assemble the letter
  • Write the lyrics
  • Examples of words that start with the letter
  • Drag images that start with the letter
  • Musical keyboard with lyrics in other languages ​​and tones.
  • Click on the signs with the letter
  • Connect the same letters
  • Place all the eggs with the letter in the nest.
  • Fit the letter in the barn
  • Fit the same letters in the barn
  • Click on the word that starts with the letter
  • Complete the word
  • Let’s color
  • Click on letters in alphabetical order
  • Pop the balloons in alphabetical order
  • Turn uppercase letters into lowercase letters
  • Arrange eggs in alphabetical order
  • Fit the corresponding letter in the barn

You can even learn the alphabet in more languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian).

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