Acidic Lite

Acidic Lite

A unique color shift that gives everything a vibrant hue!
Color shift 180 turns bright and inviting into dark and mysterious
An example of the deep colors possible with Acidic Lite.
This color shifted city switches blue and orange, creating a wicked city-scape!
Acidic Lite
A bright and shifted aurora gives new depth to the screen!
A vibrant color shift increases saturation and brings a new perspective!
Try acidic and see the color you've been missing!
Turn dawn into dusk with the Acidic Lite App!
Quickly change color options to find something that fits your vibe

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About Acidic Lite

Acidic Lite is a sleek and powerful tool that puts color control in your hands! With all the classic rainbow options, and a wide array of color shifts, Acidic lets you see your desktop, videos, and games in a new light! Try the Color Rotation for a truly unique experience, as the screen smoothly rotates through all the color wheel.
Seizure Warning
This app contains flashing lights and other luminous stimulations which may induce epileptic seizures in certain individuals.

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