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About Active Cypher

Active Cypher Risk Assessment Tool is an application that checks your enterprise IT configuration and surfaces issues that could expose you to data loss, hijacked crednetials and\or network and application issues associated to an Active Directory implementation to maximize your data protection. Once the corporate IT configuration is verified, Active Cypher Risk Assessment Tool displays a report with its findings.

What does this tool install, and what will it be doing? 
Active Cypher Risk Assessment Tool is a standalone Windows .Net application that does not require any installation for it to run. Once you download and run it on a your Windows 10 PC (logged into the local domain to be checked) it inspects your IT enterprise configuration and shows a wizard which guides you through any configuration issues discovered during it’s analysis. At its conclusion, the application displays a report with its findings.
All the information collected, analyzed and displayed by the Active Cypher Risk Assessment Toolis is retained to the local folder in which it was downloaded to and ran from within.
In addition to inspecting the local ICT architecture configuration, Active Cypher Risk Assessment Tool contains functionality that allows it to log into Azure Active Directory tenant linked with the local domain and inspect it. Our software checks whether synchronization between the local Active Directory and Azure Active Directory is configured properly. Active Cypher Risk Assessment Tool does not make any changes to Azure Active Directory subscription. It only reads information from Azure. The information read from Azure is never shared with the outside world.

Key features

  • Active Directory scanning of Users, Security Groups, and Networked File Shares with comparison to Azure Active Directory Users for mis=matched UPN's.