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About Active Weather 2

Active Weather 2 powered by OpenWeather & World Air Quality Index is the result of my love towards computers and design. While it is true that there are many weather applications on Windows Store, this application improves some of the design aspects of existing applications. Some of its unique features are as follows:

  1. EASY COMPREHENSION - Instead of greeting you with a swarm of numbers spread all over the screen, Active Weather 2 segregates information and displays them on separate pages for easier comprehension.

  2. AIR QUALITY - Active Weather 2 now comes with air quality indicator and other related data points to give you a complete picture of your environment.

  3. WEATHER MAP - This app now includes interactive weather map powered by Microsoft BING API & OpenWeatherMap. It inherits the simple and clean user interface of Active Weather.

Key features

  • Current weather details
  • Hourly & daily weather forecast
  • Weather map with separate layers for temperature, pressure, cloud, wind & rain
  • Air quality index & AQI forecast
  • Choice of units
  • Default location setup