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About ActivSense

AMS is an engineer’s mobile toolkit for configuration, commissioning and maintenance of UTC Climate, Controls & Security’s ActivSense fire detection & alarm devices on professional fire detection and alarm systems for commercial and light industrial applications.

ActivSense Mobile Suite acts as a user interface for specialist application tools such as the:

  • ActivSense Handheld Tool
  • ActivSense Field Tool
  • ActivSense RFID Tool
    These tools connect to the mobile device running AMC via Bluetooth.

AMS, together with these ActivSense hardware tools, allow a trained and qualified fire alarm engineer to configure, set up, commission, test and maintain an EN54 approved fire detection and alarm system’s ActivSense life safety devices. Data such as:

  • device address - where the fire alarm system finds this device when connected to a fire alarm loop
  • text labels - describing the physical location of the product
  • zone numbers - for controlling evacuation
  • zone labels - describing the area in the building where the device is located
  • operating profiles - determining the performance of the device
  • date & time - setting up the real time clock of the device
    etc. can be written to the device

Service information such as date of manufacture, date of installation, date of last service, device event history, device operating statistics, device configuration parameters etc. can be retrieved with the click of a button.

System configuration details can be stored or transferred to other storage devices for use in configurations elsewhere, or recalled for system comparisons later. Installation and test & maintenance reports can be generated and stored locally, stored online or simply emailed using your own storage and contact details from your local device.

After installation AMS requires online registration to ensure that the person operating the app has had proper training and is authorised to access ActivSense systems.

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