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About Affinity Publisher 2

Available to purchase in-app for a one-off cost – no subscription.

Affinity Publisher 2 is the next generation of the award-winning page layout and design software from Serif. Whether you’re creating a book, magazine, marketing materials, social media template or something else, it has everything you need to make beautiful layouts ready for publication. And with the ground-breaking ability to fully integrate with other Affinity apps, it’s completely revolutionizing the way creatives work.

• Fully redeveloped UI, tool, and button icons
• Completely revamped Layers Panel
• Book creation and management – combine multiple Affinity Publisher files as chapters, with linked text styles, table of contents and indexes
• Footnotes, sidenotes, and endnotes via new Notes panel
• Style Picker Tool offers a dropper-based transfer of object styles
• Quick grid for text frame/picture frame layouts
• Autoflow of multiple images and multi-page PDFs
• Layer visibility override for placed linked files (PDF/DWG/DXF and Affinity files)
• AutoCAD DWG/DXF import, place, and edit
• Place linked web images using their URLs
• Resave packages with auto-update of resources
• Force scale of stroke, effect and fills on object resize

• Facing page spreads
• Live master pages, including nested master pages
• Image frames with intelligent scaling options
• Advanced guides, grids and snapping
• Tables and custom table formats
• Wrap text around any object or image with fine padding control
• Create text frames of any shape
• Link multiple text frames together across your document
• Text column dividing lines

• Full control over character and paragraph styles
• Comprehensive OpenType support
• Text decorations, drop caps and initial words
• Flow text along any path
• Advanced flow options and hyphenation
• Baseline grid and text frame rulers

• Link or embed images in your document
• Place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, DWG, or Affinity files
• Correct and enhance images with non-destructive adjustment layers
• Precision engineered pen and node tools for creating vector curves and shapes
• Boolean operations to add, subtract, combine, and divide shapes
• Incredibly smooth gradient and transparency controls
• Live preview of all effects, blend modes and image adjustments

• Windows hardware (GPU) acceleration (for users running Windows 10 (April 2020 update or later) with a Direct3D feature level 12.0 capable card)
• IDML & XLSX import
• Section manager to organize your documents
• Pan, zoom and scroll through documents at 60fps
• Regular Expressions search and replace
• Savable undo history with alternate futures
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts and savable presets, including studio layout presets for the UI layout
• Smart master pages
• Automatically generate indexes and table of contents
• Manage and create anchors
• Consolidate images linked from various locations into a single folder
• Merge multiple documents together into a single file
• Save documents as template files to re-use time and time again
• Collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder using the Package feature
• Convert pixel layer to image node
• Integrate text and image links into documents by merging from external data sources
• Flag PDFs for PDF passthrough to ensure perfect representation of original PDF when exporting, without the need to have embedded fonts installed

• End-to-end CMYK, PANTONE© and spot color
• Crop, bleed, and registration
• Live preflight checking
• PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 output for professional print

• Link to your other Affinity apps directly from Affinity Publisher with StudioLink
• Revolutionary feature allows you to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without leaving the app
• The most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite of applications


UI improvements
• View recent documents as thumbnail previews or list
• Pin documents for quick access
• New Document dialog redesign
• New monochromatic iconography via Preferences (User Interface)
• High-contrast UI settings
• Restyled Studio panels via the Window menu
• Export dialog redesign offers “always on” export preview

Books creation and management
• Pull together multiple Publisher files as chapters for a book
• Add, open, and edit chapters directly from Books Panel
• Intelligent updating of page numbers, table of contents and indexes
• Synchronize text styles, table formats, swatches, and master pages
• Word & character count – get statistics (word, line, paragraph, and character counts) for current selection or document

Content synchronization (content link)
• All Affinity apps on a device can now share brushes, styles, assets, application palettes and more
• Avoids unnecessary exporting/importing of content between apps on the same device
• Easy migration of custom V1 content on upgrade
• Link custom content to share with other apps

Some important extras…
• Place linked web images using their URLs via ctrl+drag-and-drop
• Dropbox API integration to retain placed resource linkage across multiple devices
• Frame/art text conversion – convert frame text to art text and vice versa
• New Select Same / Select Object functionality allows you to scope your selection based on your current artboard or from within your current selection. Plus, Select Same now has options to base on width, height, or rotation as well as the option to select hidden objects or not
• Create hyperlinks to section start pages
• Improved memory management of multiply placed large documents
• Change stroke width with [ and ] keys; Shift key increases/decreases by an absolute amount
• Scale differing multiple objects’ stroke widths using formula input (e.g., 200%)
• Isolation (Solo) mode lets you better work within groups, adding and removing items
• Rasterize selected layers simultaneously
• Limit initial zoom to a maximum of 100%
• Redeveloped Boolean operations
• HSL Color Wheel has box wheel type and offers recent colors and hex code readout/input
• Multiple shadow, outline and overlay layer effects per object

Key features

  • Import IDML files
  • Live master pages, including nested master pages and smart master pages
  • Advanced typography options, including artistic text, path text, text wrapping with fine padding control, drop caps, OpenType support and more
  • Professional layout tools, including double page spreads, image frames with intelligent scaling options, advanced guides, grids and snapping
  • Link or embed images with full resource manager, place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF or Affinity files, float graphics or pin in line with text
  • Create and edit vector graphics in your layout using the powerful pen, node, and comprehensive shape tools
  • Make crucial image corrections directly in your document thanks to Publisher’s full collection of powerful, non-destructive adjustment layers
  • Import and export to all major raster and vector files, including layered PSD, PDF, and EPS formats
  • End-to-end CMYK, RGB, LAB, HSL, and greyscale color spaces, spot color support, PANTONE© library, ICC color profiles and more
  • Save files as templates to use in future projects and customize studio presets for the UI layout
  • Live preflight checking warns you about possible errors in your document, including poor image resolution, bleed hazards, overflowing text, spelling errors, missing images and more
  • Merge multiple documents together into a single file and integrate text and image links from external data sources
  • Organize all image resources into a single folder location and share with others in your network
  • Flag PDFs for PDF passthrough to ensure perfect representation of original PDF when exporting, without the need to have embedded fonts installed
  • Package feature to collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder
  • Instantly access the advanced toolsets of other Affinity apps without ever leaving Publisher, thanks to the app’s world-first StudioLink technology
  • Combine separate documents as chapters to create one long publication with the Books feature and add footnotes, sidenotes, and endnotes
  • Place auto-flow
  • Linked file layer visibility override
  • Style Picker Tool