Airbus A320 SGP – Full Pilot Integration

Airbus A320 SGP – Full Pilot Integration

Cockpit SOP: Pilot Flying executing the cockpit preparation checklist
Pilot Monitoring – TAKEOFF checklist. When PFD indicates V1 speed, PM announces “rotate”.
Cockpit SOP: Pilot Flying executing the Before Pushback or Start checklist
Cockpit Guide: AUTO BRK panel Cockpit button
Cockpit Guide: PFD Cockpit button
Cockpit Guide: ND Cockpit button
Cockpit Main system button (red ones)
Cockpit overview
Walk Around Simulator
Airbus A320 SGP – Full Pilot Integration

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About Airbus A320 SGP – Full Pilot Integration


The A320 SGP - Full Pilot Integration is a reference guide for any pilot who operates or is about to start operating the A320 family, looking to familiarize with the cockpit Standard Operations Procedures (SOP), locations and functionalities of all the A320 exterior, cockpit controls and indicators.
This new improved software is the best solution to study the FCOM at the same time that pilots practice the general Airbus SOP.

Based on Airbus SOP, this software is indispensable for:
• New hire interview/simulator check
• Type rating
• Captain upgrade
• Annual sim check

It englobes the following products:
• A320 procedures simulator (SOP)
• A320 walk around simulator (WAS)
• A320 exterior CBT
• A320 Cockpit CBT.

The A320 SGP realistically simulates an A320 aircraft with four engine types:

• A320 CEO:
-IAE V2500

• A320 NEO:

Key Features:
• User friendly
• Perfect for teaching students essential triggers and flows before beginning expensive simulator training
• Immersive
• SOP and CBT integration in one software
• Integrated with the Walk Around Simulator
• Airbus standard SOP
• CBT and SOP cover completely the A320 FCOM
• Content explained in a straightforward way, in a way to be easier to retain the information
• Affordable to everyone - we offer more for less
• Natural lector voice
• Super realistic three-dimensional cockpit ideal for flow training
• Complies 100% with the regulatory
• Contains cautions, warning and notes that highlight crucial information
• Covers the A320 CEO & NEO with all four engines (CFM56, IAE V2500, LEAP-1A and PW1100G)
• 3 levels (beginner, medium and advanced)
• Full-HD graphics
• No need for a gaming computer - can be used in most generic computers
• Designed in a way to be easier to retain the information
• Accessible offline
• VR capability (available soon).

In this simulator you can freely interact with a super realistic aircraft exterior and cockpit in a 3D environment and perform the general Airbus procedures (SOP) and the walk-around in an easy and efficient way, showing all the stations of the official path with all the items to check.

With over 600 CBT (Computer Based Training) pages, this software englobes the Airbus A320 CBT approaching all the major aircraft systems, including all the exterior and cockpit locations, components, operations, controls, and indications involved with each system.

This is a HOME USE version, used for individual people and is not allowed to be used for commercial operation (ATOs, MROs, airlines, etc.). For commercial operation, please contact: [email protected]

For more info, visit:

If you have any question, contact us: [email protected]

Key features

  • Used by several airlines, flight schools and thousands of pilots worldwide, this the best study guide for pilots!