Alb The Bear

Alb The Bear

See what stories you own or have rented. Choose other stories to buy or just read about Alb's cool friends.
A free sample story is included. Click on the highlighted words for great sound effects.
Alb is cute bear with a love of tea. Your child will love the bright images and entertaining stories.

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About Alb The Bear

Alb the Bear children’s stories are ideal for busy parents wanting to keep toddlers and small children entertained. Interactive and educational, the Alb the Bear children’s stories are excellent value for money, ideal good behaviour rewards and provide great opportunities to read to children.

A number of Alb The Bear stories are currently available and more are being written by author with several due to be published in the next few months.

This app acts as a bookstore to allow you to buy the available stories and inform you of forthcoming publications.

If you don’t want to buy the stories individually you have the option to subscribe to a Season’s Pass that lasts a year. During that subscription period you will be able to read any of the stories available in this app and any added in future updates.

Key features

  • Includes 1 free story - additional stories can be purchased to keep from within the app or you can subscribe to a Season's passs that lasts a year and allows access to all the stories in the app
  • Click on highlighted words for entertaining sound effects for an interactive reading experience
  • Clear easy to read text