2014 Premier League Football
2014 Premier League Football Free
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Football/Soccer companion app for English Premier League, 2014-2015.

Note: This app is no longer supported. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New season of Barclays Premier League is here! August 16th, 2014 through May 24th, 2015. Watch all 380 matches of English Premier League 2014-2015 with this simple yet powerful companion app.

  • This app provides match schedules/fixtures, and lets you keep track of the match results.
  • Pick winners and predict match scores. Which teams will make the top four? Which teams will be relegated at the end of the season? Premier League Football Time Buddy helps you to manage your predictions.
  • “Goal! Goal!” While watching a match, you can easily share the important moments with friends, or with the world.

Note 1. From the home screen, Match Calendar, click on any day or week to view the match list of the given day/week.
Note 2. Touch! It’s not always obvious but virtually every part of every screen is kind of a button, which triggers an action. Try experimenting with touches.
Note 3. This app does not provide live scores or stream live videos (although we periodically update the app with match results). It is primarily designed to be an interactive companion app which can be most useful during live matches (aka “second screen app”).

  • Nominative Use: The football club logos/names, as well as the League logo/name, used in this app are solely for the purposes of identifying the respective clubs/organizations, and their use does not imply affiliations or endorsements of any kind.
  • Copyright Notice: This app includes copyrighted materials. In particular, the (unofficial) club logos are copyrighted by Yasin Demarkale.
  • Disclaimer: This app was not created or endorsed by Barclays Premier League.
  • This app provides English Premier League match schedules/fixtures.
  • It lets you easily keep track of the match results.
  • It helps you manage your predictions, match winners and scores.
  • It lets you easily share the important moments with friends, or with the world.
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01