Accessible Keyboard
Accessible Keyboard
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Accessible Keyboard
Accessible Keyboard
Accessible Keyboard
Accessible Keyboard


Accessible Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard, which makes it possible for persons affected by conditions that restrict their mobility to type easily. It is specifically designed for persons unable to speak or move, who find it hard or even impossible to express themselves. Thanks to an extremely intuitive interface and a smooth operation, Accessible Keyboard offers them the possibility to communicate again.

The functioning of Accessible Keyboard is very intuitive: clicking the start button (the green triangle) is enough to trigger the keyboard, which will start selecting rows one after the other. At that point, you can simply click once to select the row and a second time to select the key.

The text gets displayed in a clear way and in large letters inside the box at the top of the screen. To cancel the whole text you can just click a button. The program’s selection speed can also be handily adjusted by selecting one of the 4 available speed levels.

Would you like to try Accessible Keyboard before buying it? No problem, the app offers a 7-days free trial period.

  • Specifically designed for persons who can't speak or move comfortably
  • Letter selection is easy and accessible to everyone
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Four selection speed levels available
  • Erase-all button
Product ID: 9NV1H97DVFQN
Release date: 2021-01-12
Last update: 2022-03-12