Aes Crypter Professional
Aes Crypter Professional
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Aes Crypter ​Professional is a simple but powerful utility to codify and decodify files using lightning fast block algorithm cipher running Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can also use it only to calculate digest of your files!

Aes Crypter ​Professional is very handy to use: once a valid password has been entered, simply drag and drop all files/folders You want to encrypt/decrypt on the interface of the program, and let the software do all the job for You instantaneously and without hardly occupying system resources.
Aes Crypter Professional is a completely new application, rewritten from scratch to run up against maximum portability among different platforms like Microsoft Windows

Aes Crypter Professional includes:

  1. Greater security (1/6) . In order to encrypt your data you can use one of the five strongest encryption algorithms in the world (aes, serpent, twofish, mars, rc6).
  2. Greater security (2/6). Any combination of Key length (128, 192, 256 bits) and Operation mode (CBC, ECB, CFB, OFB,CTR) and Digest Algorithm (CRC32, Sha1, Sha256, Sha512, Sha3-256, Sha3-512, Shake-128, Shake-256, Whirpool, Tiger, Ripemd-128, Ripemd-256, Ripemd-320, Blake2b, Blake2s) is allowed. This greatly increases safety of your data.
  3. Greater security (3/6). All files to be encrypted/decrypted can be compressed/decompressed on the fly using four different algorithms (gzip, bzip2, lzma, zstd) with user selectable compression ratio from fastest to best). This allows both to minimize data size and to greatly increase safety, complicating data reverse engineering
  4. Greater security (4/6). Both temporarily data created at runtime and original files not useful any more, can be automatically deleted by using Wiping technology with user selectable steps: for each of them, files will be overwritten using three different patterns.
  5. Greater security (5/6). The original name of each file that is going to be encrypted, is stored inside the new file. By doing that, You are allowed to change the encrypted filename whenever You like, because Aes Crypter Professional will remember the old name during the decryption phase. Changing the name of the file prevents someone to guess the contents of the file by looking at its name.
  6. Greater security (6/6). All filenames can be automatically renamed on the fly during the encryption phase by using UUID algorithm (in order to miminize name collision within the same folder) and automatically restored during the decryption phase.
  7. Really easy to use. A fully functional and renewed Contextual Help (Tooltip) will help You at any time and an improved log handling will tell You what’s happened on Your files by means of 4 levels of detail. Check out how handy is using Automatic Modality in conjunction with the drag’n drop functionality.
  8. Outstanding performance. That could be possible by taking advantage of C++ language and exciting CPU features like multi-threading, multi-core, SIMD instruction set extension to the x86|x64 architectures. By using the proprietary “block partitioning” technology it will be possible to encrypt even very large files at lightning speed!
  9. Do not worry about the number and the size of Your files. The dimension of each processed file can be up to 2^64 Bytes (16 EB).
  10. Compatible with Aes Crypter Lite ( Aes Crypter Professional is able to decompress your files previously encrypted with Aes Crypter Lite. But not the other way around. The format used by Aes Crypter Professional is different (more robust) and it will not be possible to use Aes Crypter Lite for its decompression.
  11. Select the right files at the right time . A pattern-matching string can be set in order to select the files You really need to encrypt/decrypt/compress, keeping all other files out.
  12. File System independent. Aes Crypter Professional can use all Microsoft Windows File Systems natively: FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT or NTFS on any read/write device You like (i.e. USB Storage device, CIFS/SMB, …).
  13. It’s free. You are FREE TO USE this application by respecting the Licence Agreement.

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  • Drag and drop files for instant encryption!
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01