All My Passwords
All My Passwords
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Category: Security
Organize you data in folders.
Beautiful interface and easy to use.
Beautiful interface and easy to use.
15 password categories to choose from.
5 different themes to choose from.
Beautiful interface and easy to use.
Organize you data in folders.
Now you can sync all your data securely between your tablet, laptop or PC, and phone.


{All My Passwords} is a very organized and user friendly password manager app; where you can create folders then add passwords in these folders; even each password has a special category with a special icon.
{All My Passwords} is available for Window 8 tablet, PC, Windows Phone and even Android devices, all your data will be stored with highly encrypted script to ensure privacy.
{All My Passwords} can sync your encrypted data to your SkyDrive account, and to your other Windows devices. If you decided to change your device in the future, then you can sync all your data to the new device with a click of a button.
{All My Passwords} app stores all your private passwords and data only in your device after encrypting all of it using the most advance encryption process made just for this app (so no one can have access to your data in anyway, even if it got lost or stolen).
{All My Passwords} supports search option, and it was made to give you the best experience possible.
New features going to be added based on customers feedback, therefore if you are not satisfied for any reason then please let us know ([email protected]), and we will work with you to insure your satisfaction.

  • Syncs your encrypted data between Windows 8 tablet, PC, Windows Phone, and Android devices
  • Fully encrypts all your data
  • Organize you data in folders
  • Beautiful interface and very easy to use
  • 5 different themes to choose from
  • Backup you data locally and in Skydrive
Release date: 2013-04-08
Last update: 2019-02-20