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Anatomy Quiz
Anatomy Quiz
Anatomy Quiz
Anatomy Quiz
Anatomy Quiz
Anatomy Quiz


Anatomy Quiz is a game, which provides an easy way to learn anatomical structures like bones, muscles or organs.

How it works:
There are 2 approaches to learn:

• Play the quiz:
Learn all levels one by one - sorted by difference. You start with an overview of bones, muscles and organs and you get more into detail level by level.
This mode is especially for people who are interested in anatomy and want to discover the amazing structures of the human body.

• Select levels:
You are a med student and you want to learn for your next exam about the bones of the skull? No problem!
In this mode you can select the specific levels you need to train. One level represents a lecture, e.g it’s about the muscles of the upper limb.

The function of this anatomy learning tool is simple:
You have to find the correct anatomical structure by the terminological name.
The language of the terms can be choosen between latin or english.

Content of the levels / lectures:

• overview of important bones
• skeleton of the hip and spinal column, upper and lower limb and the skull

• overview of important muscles
• muscles of the trunk, upper and lower limb

• overview of important organs
• anatomical structures of the heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract

• and many more will follow

If you find any errors or if you have any suggestions, feel free to write me!

  • fast anatomy learning
  • 15 Levels / Lectures
  • 233 Terms
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