Anxiety / fear dissolve
Anxiety / fear dissolve
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  • Therapy for fear / anxiety disorders✓
  • Effective content and techniques for resolving fears✓
  • Background information on fears, repressions, and cognitions✓
  • Content and methods are available for a lifetime at no further additional cost. With the app, any issue can be worked on in depth✓
  • When you purchase the app, you will also receive 2 weeks of support✓

Download the app and start dissolving your fears!

Our fear dissolving app offers the world’s first digital psychological therapist which dissolves fears. This therapist interactively guides you through the session with voice output, using psychological methods to dissolve fears, even repressed fears with their associated cognitions (beliefs, attitudes, behaviours)!


  • Treatment without waiting - You can start managing your anxiety right away, from the comfort of your own home, regardless of opening hours and appointments✓
  • Empirically based - All methods apply the processes of proven cognitive behavioural therapy, among others✓
  • The app is simple, easy to understand, and easy to use✓
  • 7 different methods at different speeds✓
  • Methods you can use to check yourself for fears and discover more✓
  • Easily accessible with operating aids and voice output✓
  • No data gathering✓
  • Offline✓
  • No advertising✓


  • Simple – Can be used by anyone, even for the first time or alone, and even without any prior knowledge✓
  • Work without a trip into the past, analysis, or “rehashing” of personal history. Methods remain in the here and now✓
  • All of the methods in this app have the advantage of not confronting the fear to be resolved through the mind. Exposure (confrontation) is unnecessary, as the tension/stress is relieved directly. You will not come across a confronting situation. Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of the treatment, or confrontation, and you can comfortably do the treatment alone!✓
  • 100% thorough✓
  • ALL fears can be treated✓
  • Based on decades-old methods that have proven themselves millions of times over✓
  • No further processing required - The methods resolve fears and repressed fears in one session (no repetition or further processing is needed). Cognitions alone can also be treated and are resolved in one session without the usual repetitions (affirmations)✓
  • Also (specific) feelings like hate, anger, sadness, etc. can be dissolved✓

Conquering fears belongs to yesterday. Today, simply dissolve fears. Dissolve. Release. Liberate!

The app is not recommended for use by people suffering from psychoses, schizophrenia, neurotic disorders, or similar conditions.

Makes you feel so good, you’ll want to keep going right away!

Question: My doctor/psychotherapist prescribed the Fear Dissolve app, so do I still have to pay the cost?
Yes, the app is currently a self-pay service. However, you can try to obtain reimbursement from your health insurance company, although health insurance companies are not currently required to do so.

Question: Can I combat my anxiety with the app?
Yes, however, we do not fight here, but rather we dissolve. This is more effective and permanent.

The best anxiety therapy from the comfort of your own home!

“Man’s greatest happiness is liberation from fear.” Walther Rathenau, (1867 - 1922), politician, writer, and German Foreign Minister 1922

  • fear therapy in an app!
  • with a digital therapist.
  • dissolve ALL fears/anxieties!
  • No confrontation with the fear!
  • very simple, easy to use.
  • the methods work without a journey into the past, analysis or “reappraisal” of your personal history.
  • One session. No repetitions or further processing is required.
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01