Apex Visual 2019
Apex Visual 2019
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Live Telemetry with Global Lap Leaderboard
Analyze your driving
Find where you are losing time to your competitors - conduct a lap-to-lap analysis for any lap of any driver in the session
Corner analysis
Session timings and analysis
Tyre management analysis


  • Previously known as “F1 2019 Game Companion” *

The comprehensive companion app for the F1 2019 Game by Codemasters. Whether you are a beginning or advanced racer, this companion app has something to offer.

Notable features:
• Live Display mode - Watch live timings, car data, lap information, etc. while you drive.
• Record Data mode - Record a full session’s data and use this for further analysis.
• Analysis mode - Analyze your performance in a previously recorded session at the press of a button and discover ways to improve your driving.

  • dashboard display
  • telemetry analysis
  • formula 1 telemetry analysis
  • session storage
Product ID: 9PKVBG0LK01J
Release date: 2019-07-20
Last update: 2022-03-14