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Real time test's results monitor
Health insurance, doctor, emergency room or partner can follow the requests of all your patients
Medical reports are show on device and export to PDF with digital certificate
Tests results and medical reports are saved locally and after downloading also accessible even without internet
Make your favorite tests easily accessible for medical treatment
Comparison of results from previous orders
Complete pre-registration of patients makes acceptance quick
Schedule day of tests or get tests price simply using photos
Info about collect points and map route


Application allows you quick access to your laboratory test results, informs you when the tests are ready and allows you to monitor the progress of the tests. Control test patients can store and maintain their previous test results and medical reports.
It also allows you to budget, schedule exams and pre-register that will speed up your service at the Laboratory.

Application functions:

  • Consultation of test results by patients with order code and / or patient card; also for professionals such as doctors, health insurance, collection points, hospital department or hospital sectors.
  • Notifies you of new exam results
  • PDF reports can be signed with digital certificate
  • Reports progress status of each exam (date of collection, expected delivery, ecc.)
  • Information about the agreements (forms of payment, need for authorization, necessary documents, etc.)
  • Instructions on preparation for exams and collection and conservation of biological material
  • Record of the history of all exams performed by the patient with the possibility of indicating favorite exams, generation of comparative graphs of the exams performed on different orders and dates
  • Allows you to schedule exams or make simplified quotes using photos
  • Consent a complete pre-registration realization, speeding up the registration completely
  • List service units or collection points, including location via map
  • The satisfaction survey is easily customizable

Application developed for Clinical Analysis Laboratories integrated with LIS called Astra produced by the company AstraLab.

  • Exam results, patient records, examination appointments, health insurance, collection points
Product ID: 9P9172681095
Release date: 2020-04-23
Last update: 2022-10-11