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At The Plate is a full-featured app for laptop, tablet and mobile devices for scoring baseball games and capturing statistics about player performance
The heart of At The Plate is simple, intuitive game scoring.
Scoring is simplified by recommendations for common scenarios which the scorer can accept or modify as needed.
Teams statics are compiled throughout the season for the team and individual players.
Player statistics include offense,  defense and pitching. A scatter chart shows the location of all hits by the player, including type, location and result.
Game statistics are captured when the game is scored and made available for review at any time.
The roster maintains player stats throughout the season and makes lineup creation quick and easy.
Game results and player statistics can be shared as rich text (rtf) files through email, word or other applications.


At The Plate is a universal windows app for coaches and parents to score baseball games, capture detailed statistics on your players, and share the results with others. It supports any windows device including laptops and mobile devices.

At The Plate simplifies scoring by recommending results for a play based on the current state of the game - who is on base, what kind of hit, whether or not there was an error, and taking into account the rules of the game. You verify the recommendations and, if necessary, make adjustments to record the actual outcome. As a result, you spend less time scoring the game and more time paying attention to what’s going on in the field of play. Mistakes can be quickly undone and corrected.

At The Plate tracks the standard metrics for each player - batting average, OBP, slugging percentage, ERA, fielding percentage, putouts and assists, stolen base percentage, and scatter charts of hits, pitcher stats including innings pitched, ERA, strike percentage, and more. At The Plate also creates a detailed play-by-play and pitch-by-pitch descriptions of each game.

You can share the game as it is being scored with those who can’t attend in person using the Twitter Play-By-Play feature. By allowing At The Plate to use your Twitter account, the app will send play-by-play details to anyone following you. Configuring a unique Hashtag for your team will allow followers to quickly and easily view only those tweets that are about your game.

After the game, details can be shared with others via email, OneDrive or other file-sharing apps. Team statistics, Play-By-Play and the Box Score are provided as rich text (rtf) files suitable for use by Word, WordPad or any other rich text editor.

Statistics can be filtered by any combination of games, tournaments, regular and post-season, and in and out-of-conference.

Lineups can be created on-the-fly as players come up to bat, or they can be set up ahead of time or copied from previous games.

Games can be set up for 6, 7 and 9 regulation innings with extra innings formats including tie-breakers.

  • Create your favorite teams, with rosters and schedules quickly and easily.
  • Add lineups ahead of time or as the players come up to bat. Substitute players on offense and defense with a few taps.
  • Automatically capture detailed offensive, defensive and pitching stats for each player.
  • Automatically track opponents performance against your team.
  • Record the game pitch-by-pitch, with the result of the at bat including outcome and hit location.
  • Record defensive plays, errors, and base running plays.
  • All game scoring is supported by At The Plate recommendations to make the scorer's job quicker and easier.
  • Undo pitches and plays to easily correct mistakes at any point during the game.
  • View summary game stats at any time, either during or after a game.
  • View a play-by-play and pitch-by-pitch summary of the game at any time.
  • View summary team stats for all major statistical categories.
  • See upcoming games in the live tile on your Start page. Games for the current day will be marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Send live updates to your followers as the game progresses using the Twitter play-by-play feature.
  • Share game play-by-play and team statistics through e-mail, word or other apps
  • On game day, a notification will be posted, allowing you to navigate directly to the game from the toast or Action Center.
Release date: 2014-02-14
Last update: 2020-10-16