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Dive into a new Pentesting Experience!

Athena OS is an Arch-derived Linux distribution designed for penetration testing, bug-bounty hunting and InfoSec students. The distribution provides a way to connect directly to some of the e-learning hacking resources, such as Hack The Box, Offensive Security, PWNX and InfoSec certifications, and it provides integration with the Hack The Box hacking platform and connections to InfoSec communities. Athena OS also introduces InfoSec roles (e.g. Cracker Specialist, Red Teamer, Web Pentester or OSINT Specialist) based on user preferences, so the user’s system is populated with relevant tools only.

Use Win-KeX to immerse in the Athena OS Desktop experience!

Retrieve your Hack The Box App Token from Hack The Box website in your user profile. Run “htb-toolkit -k reset” to set your Hack The Box App Token and start to hack!

Learn, practice and enjoy with any hacking tool!

  • This image contains utility tools with no penetration testing tools. Install an InfoSec role according to your taste.
Product ID: 9N1M7Q4F1KQF
Release date: 2023-03-28
Last update: 2023-11-21