Baseball Game Creator
Baseball Game Creator
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Title screen.
Screen to set lineups.
Start of a new game.
What happens after clicking a strike or ball button.
Notice the pitching change (Clicked on change pitcher for "COL")
Inning change.
Home team (COL) bench player replaces current hitter.
Away team pitching change (TEX).
Game Log (1).
Game Log (2).


Baseball Game Creator is an application created for people who enjoy baseball, pitching, and the use of technology to simulate a baseball game. Using a pitchback net maximizes the effectiveness of this app as you can press a button corresponding to where you throw the baseball to your net and the game will simulate an action. From there, you can have the effect of simulating a real game! Other cool features include: setting the lineups/rosters included within the game, the ability to replace starters for players on the bench, and a game log which stores everything that happens in your game which you can later save to your device!

Visit this app’s Github for all details:

  • Buttons
  • Custom lineups/rosters
  • Access to online content (creator's Github)
  • Simulated baseball
  • Game log
  • Save to computer
  • Random algorithms
  • Realistic actions
  • Simulated/realistic sports
  • User interaction
Product ID: 9N533P4JF5F9
Release date: 2020-04-28
Last update: 2022-03-12