Baseball Game Pace
Baseball Game Pace
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The app display's up-to-date pacing for each game being played.
The app window is adjustable and can be kept in the background of your desktop.
Game pace is updated every minute.


Curious about the pacing of big league baseball games? Is a game being played fast or is it behind schedule? This app will display each day’s games and, while the games are being played, display how each game measures against a standard three hour pace.

Game pace is traditionally measured as: 10 minutes for each half inning; 20 minutes per inning; 1 hour for three innings; and 3 hours for a complete, nine inning game. The app will display whether each game is on pace (“Even”), ahead of schedule (e.g., “- 10 min”) or behind schedule (e.g., “+ 20 min”).

This app is not affiliated with Major League Baseball (MLB). It does not display accounts or descriptions of MLB games. The app lists city designations for each game (e.g., OAK vs SEA) and their current innings (e…g, “Top 1”). Participant and inning information is arguably in the public domain due to its prevalence throughout mass media, commercial and non-commercial data sources, and informational websites.

  • View live indicators of game paces for each day's big league games.
  • Updated game pace information every minute.
  • Adjustable, unobtrusive app window that can stay in the background of your desktop.
Product ID: 9NTJC3SF0BTF
Release date: 2019-09-19
Last update: 2022-03-12