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Beoculus allows you to see everything with a simple click .
Beoculus allows you to resize and position each camera view independent of each other.
Beoculus provides a simple interface to add as many cameras as your computer can handle.


Quickly monitor multiple IP cameras simultaneously from your PC. With a single click you can check in on your loading docks, parts bins, employees, customers, kids, pets or your front door from around the world or from the comfort of your home office.

Beoculus gives you the simple interface you need when you just want to quickly check in on all of your IP cameras.

Beoculus works with most MJPEG and H.264 based IP cameras using either http or rtsp protocols. This means that if you have a mix of IP camera models from different manufacturers like D-Link, FOSCAM or Belkin, you can add them all to Beoculus and monitor them all at once from one tool. Beoculus allows you to add as many cameras as you choose.

Beoculus gives you the ability to open all of your secured IP cameras at once with a single click. Beoculus encrypts and stores the login credentials of each of your IP cameras securely for you.

Adding LAN IP cameras to Beoculus is easy with the built in camera search function. Beoculus searches for cameras enabled with UPnP, ZeroConf or even the latest FOSCAM camera discovery protocol. Adding cameras that are available over the internet is as easy as entering their IP address, port and login information.

Beoculus now supports panning and tilting for supported motorized cameras. (e.g. Foscam and Tenvis cameras) Control buttons can be clicked once for single step movement or held down for continuous movement. The control buttons fade in on mouse over and fade out when the cursor is moved away thus giving an unobtrusive way to pan and tilt your motorized cameras.

Using the right click mouse button on any Beoculus camera view window, you can easily toggle on or off the audio from your camera, add more cameras or shut down all Beoculus windows at once. You can arrange your camera view windows however you choose and as big or small as you like. Beoculus will restore your camera views to that size and position the next time you run it. You can even double click the camera views to toggle them to full screen and back for quick closer inspection. Each video window can be toggled to always be on top or not directly from the context menu.

Beoculus is a simple tool that will help you quickly check in on what matters most to you. After all, you don’t have time to waste twiddling with controls. You want to check in and then get back to the work at hand. That’s why you need Beoculus.

  • Supports most MJPEG and H.264 based IP cameras including cameras using rtsp streams(e.g. Foscam FI9821W).
  • Searches local network for UPnP, Zeroconf and Foscam discovery protocol enabled cameras.
  • Supports connection to cameras across the Internet or on your LAN or both at the same time.
  • Quickly close and restore multiple camera view windows at once, toggle audio and camera views on and off as desired and pan and tilt motorized cameras from Foscam or Tenvis.
  • No restrictions imposed on the number of cameras that can be added.
  • Automatically logs into added cameras with securely encrypted passwords, saves and restores the placement and size of each camera view.
Product ID: 9NBLGGH5X6DW
Release date: 2017-02-07
Last update: 2022-03-11