Bongo Soccer
Bongo Soccer
Rating (2.7)
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Category: Sports
Camera view (F1)
Your Mid-Fielder in action.
Running left towards the ball.
Looking around towards the goalpost.
Guarding your goalpost with your gloves.
The more you stop the balls,the best you are as a goalkeeper.
Game will be paused in snapped and filled views.


Free game of soccer is always worth a try…as you can enjoy both playing and watching
You call it soccer or football,Its a sport loved by everyone in the world.
Bongo soccer is my version of soccer where you can play the two main characters in the game.

  1. Mid-fielder
  2. Goalkeeper

Control the mid-fielder with the arrows.Long kicks are not encouraged as we love to see you enjoy the game in small chunks. The very basic rule to win this part of the game is ‘Follow the ball’.

As a goal keeper,stop as many balls as you can.The number of balls missed should always be less than the number of balls kicked towards the goal post.

LEARN to play
Feel the GAME
ENJOY the moments.


  • Two camera views (F1 F2)
  • Walkback support (both left and right directions)
  • Roaring soccer chant in the back ground.
  • Feel good animations.
  • Touch/Mouse Support (Single Touch)
Release date: 2013-12-23
Last update: 2019-01-29