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BQGolf System
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The application is a part of Golf Competitions Management system (BQGolf).
The system is designed for organising golf competitions played in various formats and for collecting and presenting player results.
The system contains the following programs:

  1. BQGolf – main program (desktop/laptop),
  2. BQGolf Viewer – competition result viewer (desktop/laptop),
  3. BQGolf Players –player databases editor (desktop/laptop),
  4. BQGolf GC – golf course database editor (desktop/laptop),
  5. BQGolf MViewer – competition result viewer (mobile devices),
  6. BQGolf MScorecard – electronic scorecard (mobile devices).

The system supports many types and formats of play: match play (with and without qualification groups), stroke play, league (match play and stroke play), yellow ball, 1-2-3, n Best Rounds and more using various scoring systems (gross, nett, Stableford, user defined points, etc.).
If during the competition electronic scorecards are used (BQGolf MScorecard) then the players on their mobile devices enter hole results which are automatically transmitted to the main program (BQGolf) and then displayed on the leaderboard and distributed to all devices using applications BQGolf Viewer or BQGolf MViewer. The progress of the match or the whole competition can be watched in real time on TV/Projector at the club house and anywhere in the world on mobile and desktop devices.
If electronic scorecards are not used then after a round/match the administrator (pro) easily enters the scores or match results on his console using the main program (BQGolf).
In cup match play competitions the competition’s diagram is updated automatically.

The number of competitions is unlimited.
Competition data is stored in a cloud (GoogleDrive or OneDrive) which can be configured by the system administrator.

To set up a competition the administrator:

  1. enters just the players’ name and handicap (many predefined player databases created using BQGolf Players can be used to speed up the player selection process),
  2. selects the competition type and sets various competition options, e.g. handicap limits, handicap groups, handicap system (EGA/USGA or CONGU), count back, scoring type, game type, etc.,
  3. automatically creates starting groups (stroke play) or matches (match play). Starting groups and matches can be modified manually if necessary,
  4. starts the competition by pressing the START button. All scorecards are created and uploaded to the cloud. When the players arrive at the reception before the competition they start the BQGolf MScorecard application on their devices and just scan a Smart Card (using NFC) or a QR code (using built in camera). All competition data and player lists will be downloaded to their devices. Then they choose a player (i.e. a competitor for whom the user is a marker) and a marker (i.e. himself/herself). Then after each hole they enter player’s score on the mobile device which is sent to the main program (BQGolf).

The main program will sum up scores in real time and show them on the leaderboard (TV or projector).
Marker’s score and the whole leaderboard will also appear on the mobile device.

To see the system in action watch on YouTube:
stroke play:,
match play:

  • easy scoring
  • immediate score presentation
  • no need to enter scores manually
  • live scoring
  • live leaderboard
  • automatic diagram generation in match plays
  • player databases for easy competition setup
  • many game formats: match play, stroke play, league, best ball, four ball, yellow ball and more
  • many klasifications: gross, nett, gross Stableford, nett Stableford, points
  • calculation of playing and new handicaps
  • Competition Scratch Score (CSS) calculation for CONGU handicapping system
Product ID: 9P66FTHM04R7
Release date: 2017-12-22
Last update: 2022-07-15