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BQGolf System
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The application is a part of Golf Competitions Management system (BQGolf).
The system is designed for organising golf competitions played in various formats and for collecting and presenting results of the competitions.
The system contains the following programs:

  1. BQGolf – main program (desktop/laptop),
  2. BQGolf Viewer – competition result viewer (desktop/laptop),
  3. BQGolf Players – player database editor (desktop/laptop),
  4. BQGolf Golf Courses – golf course database editor (desktop/laptop) – this application,
  5. BQGolf MViewer – competition result viewer (mobile devices),
  6. BQGolf MScorecard – electronic scorecard (mobile devices).

BQGolf Golf Courses is a golf course database editor.
Golf Course Database contains all necessary information about golf courses that are used by the system. The same information is used by all desktop and mobile applications therefore it is sufficient to enter it only once.
The application is distributed as a part of the BQGolf system or as a standalone application that can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.
The standalone version is intended for golf clubs that do not use the BQGolf system but want to attract users of electronic scorecards (BQGolf MScorecard) and let them use the scorecards on their golf course. Using this application the club can prepare a QR code and/or NFC Smart Card which can be scanned by BQGolf Scorecard users. The QR code and NFC Smart Card can be displayed at e.g. reception desk.
Users of the BQGolf system do not need to install this application separately. It is installed with the system.

To see the BQGolf system in action watch on YouTube:
stroke play:,
match play:

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Release date: 2018-03-05
Last update: 2022-04-04