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Main page provides navigation to different tournaments (or trips),
Main tournament page.
Select or created new players for the tournament.
Select teams.
Enter scores.
Create courses.
Report player scores.
Reports team results.
Provides data backup and restore. Allows you to move the local data to another device.


BucksGolf is a golf tournament (or golf trip) handicapping system that calculates handicaps based on the Callaway handicap calculation. Define a tournament or trip which may have multiple rounds, add players and optionally create teams. Then at the 19th hole enter players scores and report on the results.

The BucksGolf score keeping application was created to manage the scores of my oldtimer hockey buddies on our annual golf trip. The hockey team name was the Bucks Hockey Club hence the application was called BucksGolf.

  • supports tournaments (or golf trips) with multiple rounds
  • calculates handicaps using the Callaway Handicap method, since most players do not have an offical RCGA or USGA handicap
  • allows players to be grouped into teams
  • provides reports that calculate average gross and average net for individuals and teams
Release date: 2015-04-24
Last update: 2022-03-12