Bullseye Match
Bullseye Match
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Bullseye Match performs the range officer operations for a course of Precision Pistol. It plays Prep, Slow fire, Timed and Rapid fire range calls for a “300” Gallery or full “600” or “900” Aggregate relay. It is designed to be simple and intuitive for shooters. It can be used for training, timing, or to run an entire match.

Tapping the target plays each string, and the match moves forward automatically. The calls play with regulation timing, followed by the start signal. It counts down the time, plays the stop signal and closing calls, then advances to the next round. If you finish early, tap the target to finish or cancel the round. Another tap begins the next relay, until all stages are fired.

Buttons indicating the upcoming round can be used to skip, replay or change the sequence manually. The buttons will slide to display the match clearly and make selection easy. Timer functions are available for self-timing, drills, and match preparation.

The app also provides a scoring calculator for B2, B3, B6, B8 and B16 targets, with ring scores, X count and Alibi corrections. It can capture photographs of scored targets, watermarking them with the date, time and any scoring information.

All types of audio are supported, including bluetooth, and mixed with any other streams, so it can be used while listening to other audio, if desired. Selfie-type clickers for remote control work too, great for use in club matches!


Bullseye Match is FREE without ads, runs on Android, iOS and Windows, and is available in app stores.

  • Bullseye range calls and scoring calculator
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Release date: 2020-11-10
Last update: 2023-02-01