Byte Secure
Byte Secure
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Byte Secure
Byte Secure
Byte Secure
Byte Secure


Modern software that protects you against Internet dangers. Get rid of the annoying ads everywhere. With our AD BLOCK feature, you will get the most fluid and satisfying Internet experience. Use our Safe Search feature to ensure that explicit results do not appear. Preserve your mental health. By enabling Ultra Secure Mode you get rid of all ads, pornography websites and malware websites on the entire Internet! Just activate the feature and enjoy your malware free Internet experience. Encrypt your connection with our brand-new high speed VPN!

Take security to next level blocking any personally unwanted domain.
Elevated Permissions Required!

  • Adblock
  • Safe Search
  • Ultra secure mode
  • Block all internet malware
  • Custom domain blocklist
  • Child Protection
  • VPN
Product ID: 9P0CS9Z4S0LJ
Release date: 2022-06-08
Last update: 2022-11-03