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In cooperation with ophthalmologists with experience in successful amblyopic treatment, the first Windows 10 App designed to assist in keeping vision acuity and assisting in amblyopic correction [Captain Lazy eye] has been created!

That overall out of 100 people there are 1 to 4 people who are amblyopic.
That in regions with poorer medical care that the rate is even higher!

We’ve invited a former Ophthalmology department director of both Changhua Christian Hospital and Chungshan Medical University in Taiwan, Dr. Sharon Chuang, for her career-spanning experience in successfully treating amblyopic children in order to design a software specially for assisting vision correction for these children.

Between the ages 3 to 8, it is the perfect time for treatment of amblyopia. After this golden period, nerves in the eye begin to mature, and correction thereafter becomes increasingly difficult. That’s why if there’s a history of severe nearsightedness or astigmatism, it’s best to bring your children to a physician to check his/her eyesight as soon as possible.

Correction of amblyopia usually involves tedious and repetitive coordinative exercise, such as navigating a maze on paper, drawing lines on paper, etc. The blandness of such exercises is the primary reason that children become resentful or even express refusal to cooperate in the treatment!

The App turns amblyopic correctional exercises into fun and interesting games, assisting them with fascinating themes like pirates and princesses, enticing the children to perform the necessary occlusion for the training and ultimately making real correctional progress.

Recovery of vision from amblyopia does not happen overnight, nor is there a shortcut. This is precisely why active participation of those who need it is vital.

Feature of Captain Lazy eye:
1.It 's a labor of love in cooperation with doctors experienced in treatment of amblyopic specifically designed to help improve patient vision.
2.Makes training into fun and interesting games, increasing willingness to participate in correction.
3.Records the daily performed exercises and correctional results, providing a better picture for physicians and parents for assessment of progress.
4.Puts training results into easily to view charts.
5.Includes six categories of training, with enriched content that kids won’t get tired of easily.

■The training exercises included in this software are:

1.Rotating grating
Vision is stimulated by looking at objects through gratings of different thickness and spacing.

2.Color-Light training
The various colors and shades stimulate the visual nerves.

3.Eyeball muscle exercise
The frequent change of focal point gives eyeball muscles a workout.

4…Hidden object recognition
Eyes get trained to recognize specific objects in a visually distractive background.

5.Color sensitivity training
The recognition of a specific color from a selection of similarly shaded colors is trained.

  1. Eye-hand Coordination
    This exercises combines spatial and visual acuity in training to control visual muscles.

Hurry and get your App on! Allow your children to do exercises that are good for the eyes in a home environment! It’s saves you time and money from having to go to a physician for treatment.

This software is meant to be used under the guidance of and regular return visits to your physician. You should also enter the results of periodic doctor visits into a function provided in the app for you to more easily track treatment progress.

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Release date: 2016-02-16
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