Cartograph Maps 3
Cartograph Maps 3
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Cartograph Maps 3
Cartograph Maps 3
Cartograph Maps 3


The Cartograph app views Mapsforge offline vector maps and records tracks.

Please contact us if you have any questions, problems, or feature requests:

Map features

  • View Mapsforge offline vector maps (including maps!).
  • Support for OpenAndroMaps render themes (Elevate, Elements), which are great for hiking, mountainbiking, running, and other outdoor activities.
  • Other supported offline map formats: MBTiles (raster and OpenMapTiles MVT vector), TwoWays RMAP, Locus SQLite, Oruxmaps SQLite.
  • Supported online map types: Mapbox vector tiles (MVT - OpenMapTiles style), Bing quadkey tile format (raster), OpenStreetMap slippy tile format (raster), raster WMS (web map service, including layers and styles).
  • Offline hillshading and slope mapping (*).
  • Mapsforge multi-maps (combine multiple Mapsforge maps into a single map) (*).
  • Classic Mapsforge and new Mapsforge VTM rendering support.
  • Stack multiple map layers on top of each other (including transparency) (*).
  • 3D buildings (*).
  • Create custom Mapsforge maps (**).
  • Grid overlays, including WGS84, UTM, MGRS (military grid reference system), and many local projections (*).
  • Supports classical latitude/longitude (WGS84), UTM, MGRS, and many local (proj4) coordinate display projections.

Tracks and routing

  • Track recording while the app is in background (*).
  • Draw custom tracks using the track drawing tool (*).
  • Photo-, video-, and audio waypoints (*).
  • BRouter offline route calculation (*).
  • OSRM routing.
  • Google Directions, Bing Routes (**).
  • Basic offline navigation with voice instructions and custom audio instructions (*).
  • Waypoint alerts (*).
  • Current route elevation profile (*).
  • Import and export *.gpx, *.kml, *.kmz (only import) tracks.
  • Import EXIF JPEG photos and Google Takeout as bookmarks (*).
  • Garmin icon support (*).
  • Live friend tracking (share your location with friends live on a map) (*).

Other features

  • Measurement tools (distance, elevation profile, circular distance) (*).
  • Workspaces (manage sets of maps/overlays/tracks) (*).
  • Cloud sync (backup data and synchronize data among multiple devices) using Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, or your own web server (*).
  • “What’s here” (reverse geo-code).
  • Built-in offline overlays for drinking water, supermarkets, hostels, and restaurants.
  • Search: Google Places, Bing, Nominatim (**).
  • Included translations: English, German, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese.
  • Create your own translations:

Items marked with (*) are available in the full version which is available as an in-app-purchase.
Items marked with (**) require credits which can be obtained in the app.

In app purchases (IAP)

The Cartograph app offers in-app-purchases for activating all features, and for accessing 3rd party services (such as Google Directions).
A detailed description of all products is available here:


The Cartograph app allows you to record your location (“track recording”) while the app is in background. Location services can significantly increase battery usage.

Product ID: 9NC2K8MSJ4K4
Release date: 2022-01-18
Last update: 2022-10-17