Championship Darts scorer
Championship Darts scorer
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Simple, customizable and intuitive scoring, optimized for touch screens as well as keyboard!
Choose between 500 realistic computer players of different levels
Customize your own leagues and cups. Play against frends and/or computer players.
Option to enter you score using a virtual dartboard.


A professional darts scorer for home games or competitions!

With Championship Darts Scorer you can play fully customizable friendly games, cups and leagues with friends or choose between 500 realistic computer opponets!
And of course lots of stats to track you improvement!

You can input you scores using keyboard, touchscreen, a virtual dartboard or even speech recognition!
The scorer works well on small tablets (has been used in real competitions) as well as stationary computers.
In case of a crash or accidental shut down, the game will continue after restarting the app.

  • Leagues. Cups. Friendly games. 500 computer opponents. 4 types of scoring methods.
Product ID: 9NCD5CQJJR2F
Release date: 2017-06-14
Last update: 2022-04-18