Cheer Stunts, Tosses, & Jumps!
Cheer Stunts, Tosses, & Jumps!
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This app is absolutely essential for any cheerleading team! In this app you will learn how to do 9 different crowd pleasing small stunts (2-5 people), 7 great large stunts (6+ people), 3 fun tosses, and 7 competition jumps!

Each stunt, toss and jump comes with great pictures and descriptions for easy learning. Each stunt and toss comes with a video to watch as well!

The models in this video are seasoned high school competition cheerleaders from Nashville, TN! So what are you waiting for? Get this app today!

*Always be safe when stunting, tossing, and jumping. All moves in this app should be done under the supervision of a trained professional. For entertainment purposes only.

  • 9 Small Stunts
  • 7 Large Stunts
  • 3 Tosses
  • 7 Jumps
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Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01