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Chess Era
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Chess is one of the means to improve our child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Chess Era is an Online Chess School built around 4 key stake holders: Students, Coaches, Schools and Parents.
1. Starting with Students, they can:
1. Play with other students
2. Challenge their friends
3. Track their progress
4. Share their ideas with others to have a collaborative study
2. We have some excellent tools for the Coaches as well. They can:
1. Conduct tournament among students
2. Do Online Coaching with Board and Live Video
3. Can analyse every student’s game and work
4. Have full control on student’s progress and tracking
3. Now the most important feature the Chess Era provides is for the School managements:
1. Gives you a dashboard for the class and the student
2. Can do announcements
3. Assign coaches for the batches and track them
4. Handle multi school/branches with tracking
4. Parents also benefit from the Chess Era as it ensures
1. Their child’s engagement and enthusiasm
2. And help them track the progress of their Child

  • Online Classes
  • Assignments
  • Homework Tracking
  • Practice Sessions
  • Global Tournaments
  • Puzzle Competitions
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