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Chess Forge
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Chess Forge is a Free and Open Source Windows desktop application facilitating chess training. It offers rich functionality ranging from building collections of opening trees, model games, endgames and tactics to exercise solving and advanced training. The program comes packaged with the Stockfish engine which can be turned on to evaluate positions as the user moves around the variations, or to be played against.

Chess Forge reads and writes into, so called, workbooks (extended PGN format) that can comprise multiple chapters, each of which contains an optional Intro (with rich formatted text as well as optional diagrams and clickable moves), a Study Tree plus any number of Games and Exercises.

You can import PGN files and convert them into chapters, studies, games or exercises.

Use Chess Forge to build your opening repertoire, study endgames, middle game strategy and tactics. Utilize the two distinct solving modes and also Chess Forge’s unique Training Mode where you get tested against the workbook’s content with the help of the engine.

Chess Forge connects to the public API of to bring you the Opening Explorer and Endgame Tablebases. That includes the list of Top Games for the current position from lichess’s master database. The games can be conveniently previewed before optional import.

  • Study and train against self-created, downloaded or coach-supplied PGN Workbooks.
  • Solve exercises by guessing the main line or submitting an analysis.
  • View the Opening Explorer, preview/import Top Games from
  • Test your knowledge against the content of the Workbook. Start a game against the engine from any position.
  • Restart / roll-back your training or your engine game at any point.
  • Import Games and Exercises in PGN format or enter them manually.
  • Automatically evaluate positions, lines and games.
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