Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere - Paid
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Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -
Clip Studio Paint - Draw and Paint Anywhere -


Clip Studio Paint is the complete illustration, comic, and animation tool used by over 30 million professional and hobby artists worldwide¹. Get up to 3 months free!

●Draw as you please with Clip Studio Paint
Over 50,000 free and premium brushes by creators worldwide
Use Liquify to tweak your art after the fact
Pose 3D models to help you draw people, animals, and objects at tricky angles
Includes a customizable head model and a hand scanner that allows you to capture the shape of your hand in real-time
Shading Assist helps you add shadows with one tap
Draw, animate, add sound, create comics, and more!

● Supporting your growth as an artist
Free courses on the official Clip Studio Paint website & YouTube channel
Thousands of user Tips available on our site
Download over 160,000 materials by community members
Share your work easily on social media - record a timelapse of your process

Brushes that go beyond:
・Default pencils, pens, markers, pastels, watercolor, ink, oil brushes, and more
・Customize brush texture, shape, dual brush setting, edge, spray effect, and more
・Thousands of brushes made by creators to download
・Import your favorite ABR Photoshop brushes
・Make line art like a pro with Line Stabilization
・Use your fingers to adjust the line thickness and shape

Limitless layers:
・Create up to 10,000 layers
・Set reference layers to fill effectively
・Create layer masks to control your effects
・28 different layer effects built in
・Create vector layers for vector drawing
・Align and distribute multiple selected objects at once

Color smart:
・Lay down flat colors with smart fill tool
・Instantly color with the automatic AI colorizer
・Use the Sub View to import images and sample the colors
・Gradient maps offer greater control over your colors

Comic, manga, webtoon tools:
・Create speech bubbles, frames, and action lines with a single tap
・Comic/webtoon templates
・Preview your webtoon on your smartphone before you publish
・Manage multi-page works
・Collaborate with a team in the same project file
・Explore a range of comic fonts
・Countless screentones available

Full animation studio:
・Make anything from GIFs to full-length animations
・Add sound, camera movements, and more

Professional Tools:
・Import/Export PSD files
・Import 3D data to create backgrounds quickly
・Use rulers to make shapes, snap to perspective, draw symmetrical lines, and more
・Apply gradients to complex shapes instantly

¹Research: Celsys

● Target devices and specifications
・English-language Microsoft Windows 64-bit OS
・Windows 8.1
・Windows 10
・Windows 11

Computer Specifications
・Intel & AMD CPUs with support for SSE2
・GPU with support for OpenGL 2.1
・2GB+ memory required, 8GB+ recommended

Storage space
・Minimum 3GB free storage space

Important: You need administrator permissions to install this app.

●Clip Studio Accounts
You will need to log in with a free Clip Studio account use the Clip Studio Paint.

●CLIP STUDIO PAINT Official Tips & Tutorials

  • Reduce shaky lines with Line Stabilization, and add natural tapers to the beginnings and ends of each stroke
  • Create brushes that change opacity according to pen pressure
  • Adjust the size, shape, and width of lines drawn in vector layers whenever you like
  • Download thousands of official and user-generated brushes and materials to use in your art right away from Clip Studio
  • Paint your way, and express yourself with delicate watercolors, dynamic oil paints, and cel animation-style coloring tools
  • Make use of the built-in 3D drawing figures, and customize their body shapes, head sizes, and proportions to suit your needs
  • Clip Studio Paint’s fill tools are smart enough to fill spaces without spillover, even if there are gaps in the lines
  • Color palettes for approximate colors, intermediate colors, and your color history allow for a quick selection and application
  • Create parallel lines, concentric circles, and symmetric designs with the wide variety of handy rulers available at the click of a button
  • Save time drawing with the line extraction tool - simply import a photo or 3D file and the app extracts line art and screentones for seamless integration into your artwork
  • Set autoactions for repetive tasks and get it done with a single push of a button
  • Optimized UI for touch workflows on Windows 8.1 and later - featuring easily-adjustable palettes, touch-friendly buttons and icons, and other elements to make working directly on the screen easier
  • Cloud-capable - use the Clip Studio Cloud to backup your artwork, app settings, as well as save your favorite materials
  • Get access to a neverending assortment of customizable screentones for use in comics, which can be edited even after the fact
  • Create dynamic comic compositions with the frame divide tool in a matter of seconds, and even create frames with unorthodox shapes
  • Express your character's speech to the max with the speech bubble tool, giving you full control over every part of the bubble
  • Powerful text editing features allow you to adjust font, size, spacing and customize all of your text on the page
  • Take a look at your whole project with the Story manager - re-order pages, create double-page spreads and split double-page spreads into single pages
  • The animation suite supports function curves, allowing for smooth animation of not only straight lines, but also curves and dynamic camerawork
  • Record and share your creative process easily with the Timelapse function
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