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Category: Navigation & maps
Address creation
Calculation of the optimal itinerary of a round
Optimization and distribution of rounds
Optimization of location
Create isochrones / isodistances
Addresses in a perimeter
Points of interest density
Geographic statistics
Long itinerary by stages
Display an itinerary from an GeoJSON, GPX or KML file


“COM-MAP Top” is a mapping application.

“COM-MAP Top” targets professionals (decision-makers, delivery people, mail delivery service, fleet intervention planners, real estate promoters, itinerant sales force, tourist guides and so on),

Moreover “COM-MAP Top” has other functionalities which will help you in decision making.

The application calculates in particular itineraries in light and heavy vehicles as well as the calculation of rounds (delivery, collection, …)

“COM-MAP Top” saves your addresses in a database, so you can re-use them later for new calculations.

“COM-MAP Top” uses “HERE ©”, “Google Street View ©”, “Microsoft Street Side ©” and “OpenStreetMap ©”.

“COM-MAP Top” supports “bingmaps” protocol and can become your default mapping application in Windows 10/11 ©.

“COM-MAP Top” is available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

  • Optimize the itineraries and round
  • Visualize the itineraries on interactive map
  • Search points of interest around an address (via "OpenStreetMap ©" or "HERE ©")
  • Search the traffic problems, in real time, on your itineraries and rounds
  • Manage the vehicles and their consumption
  • Export the rounds in text, GeoJSON, GPX, KML or WAV files
  • Display an itinerary from a GeoJSON, GPX or KML file
  • Display points of interest from a CSV file (Garmin © or Navman ©)
  • Optimization of a location according to a list of destinations
  • Calculation of intervention areas around one or more start addresses
  • Calculation of the distribution of rounds
  • Optimization of a set of rounds
  • Allocation, at best, of an address to a route among a set of routes
  • Management of the addresses belonging in several rounds
  • Deduplicate addresses
  • Choice between metric system and imperial system
  • Converting files between GeoJSON, GPX and KML formats
  • Import/Export of address in vCard format
  • Visualization of all addresses on a map and indication of time, country and other information
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Product ID: 9NBLGGH355B9
Release date: 2015-07-03
Last update: 2023-02-28