Cross Doctor
Cross Doctor
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RoundGlass Cross enables you to deliver quality-care by reducing your administrative burden, and giving you more time to spend with the most essential stakeholder of your practice- your patient!
Join RG Cross and enhance your everyday practice management experience.

Quick practice setup and organized daily consultations

  • Setup and manage your practice from a tablet
  • Juggle availability at multiple clinics
  • Register care seekers and schedule online appointments
  • Auto queue management

Engage with care seekers

  • Your online profile allows the care seekers around find you.
  • Superior engagement with your care seekers through live chat
  • Share curated health and wellness content

Premium online ‘Care Group’ experience

  • Your care seekers records neatly organized in your care group
  • Quick access to patient health history, general profile and more
  • Digital charting

Paperless billing through online statements

  • Generate online bills and share electronically with your care seekers

Analytics and reports to improve overall clinic performance

  • Clinical, Financial and Operations reports to give you data driven insights

Curated practice friendly wellness articles

  • Disease/condition specific articles and wellness content published everyday
  • Specialty specific articles everyday to keep you updated on latest in medicine
  • Complete practice management system for doctors
  • Patient engagement through chat, messages and content
  • Digital prescriptions
  • Seamless appointments and schedule management
  • Digital bills and statements
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Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01