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When you load in your Cup or Lxc files, the software shows an approximation of the area covered by your waypoint. This is very useful to confirm that you have actually selected the correct waypoint file!
If you select the "Check to use Lat and Long Boundaries" tick box to on, you can set a "Bounding Box" by Latitude and Longitude for the area that will be covered by your .CupX file. This is very useful if you do not want to include the full size of the area covered by your waypoint file, particularly for vast places like Australia ;-)


CupX Tools is designed to convert Gliding/Soaring .cup files into the very latest .cupX file format, and insert additional Google Map images into existing CupX files. Any existing images are safely preserved in the new CupX file.

Missing waypoint elevations can optionally be inserted if you have activated the Google Cloud/Maps Elevation API.

No original data is ever overwritten in these processes!

NOTE:- As Microsoft Store updates can sometimes be slow. Please return to this page to force any updates.

Google Map images are automatically inserted for each waypoint in the file. There are additional options to Unpack and Re-Pack CupX files, which is a unique feature.

CupX Files are used in the Naviter Oudie and LX Nav 8-9000+ navigation devices, which are widely utilised by Glider and other Soaring Pilots.

CupX Tools is the first software to provide a significant utility to create, disassemble, re-assemble and use Latitude and Longitude Boundaries to generate full or partial CupX files from a users library of waypoint files. Google Images are automatically downloaded as required. Up to four Google Images per waypoint are possible, with the Zoom level of the images set by the user.

The CupX file format is a development of the long-used standard “Cup” file format, which contains information on waypoints used in aviation navigation. The major benefit of the CupX format is the ability to incorporate images such as Google Images of the waypoint’s location, or user supplied images in to the CupX file.

The software also allows for the use of Custom images.

Extensive Help is available from within the application, which makes some of these murky tasks very straight forward. The Help facility gives complete instructions on how to accomplish each task.

CupX Tool’s beautiful icon was created from an original artwork painted by Fox Aerobatic Pilot Xenia Sanchenkova.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me at [email protected], and attach the .CUP/.LXC file you are having trouble with. For a CupX file issues, please use a DropBox or OneDrive link to your file.

Please Note:- A Google Image API key is an absolute requirement for this software. The program provides a link to Google to obtain a free key.

  • CupX Tools provides a robust set of options to import Google Images, and manipulate, create, and unpack and repack CupX files for Naviter Oudie and LX8-9000+ Glider Navigation devices.
Product ID: 9NCKJLCV9390
Release date: 2020-04-04
Last update: 2023-02-18