dbViewer for SQL Server
dbViewer for SQL Server
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dbViewer for SQL Server is a simple and easy to use, fast and powerful tool for viewing, editing and reporting data for Microsoft SQL Server business users, data analyst, database developers and database administrators.

  • Quick selection of server group, server and database
  • Search by object name or column name
  • Keep recent items and shared by all servers with same databases or linked databases
  • One-click to veiw table columns or indexes
  • Rows and columns filter, sorting without scripting
  • Paging from database
  • View foreign key relationship
  • Master-detail drill down with HTML report
  • Create HTML, SSRS table or matrix report without need a designer
  • Export to Excel file with one click
  • Export table data or grid data
  • Edit data using paged freeform
  • Required data indecator and validation
  • Data type validation
  • Lookup for foreign key values
  • Automatically generate audit trail for updated fields in a database of your choice
  • Automatically generate restore scripts for added, updated and deleted rows
  • Quick view and import Excel and flat files
  • Generate schema documents and build query templates
  • Support Temporal Tables
Product ID: 9N8T6K4BXNSP
Release date: 2022-04-14
Last update: 2023-02-15