Dental Practice
Dental Practice
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Dental Practice
Dental Practice
Dental Practice
Dental Practice
Dental Practice
Dental Practice


Designed for dentists who wants a simple system without too many functions and easy for the dental assistants to learn.
This is a dental practice management software designed for single practice with multiple doctors connected on Local Area Network.

Please install PostgreSQL Database Manager V10 and setup a full privilege user account before installing this app.

This app updates like a smartphone app, works like a desktop app.
You may insert emoji into your referral letter too. (Press “Window logo” + “period”)

No lock-in, no subscription, no contract and your database belongs to you.

Note :
This app is sold to you “as is” with no warranty and no support, please try it out extensively before buying.
The developer is not responsible for any loss or damage in whatsoever form that arise from the use or failure to use this app.
There is a learning curve in most software, It may not appeal to you immediately at first use,
We made it cheap for you and your patients and we do not provide paid or unpaid after sales support. You probably do not need support once you know how it works…
This app needs PostgreSQL V10.0 and above.

  • Electronic patient record
  • Works offline on Local Area Network (LAN_
  • Reporting
  • Light/ Dark mode
  • Color theme
  • BPE, periodontal and dental charts
  • Medical certificate and referral letter printing
  • Death register as required by certain countries' health authority
  • Insert Emoji in your referral letter
Product ID: 9ND1BDTH5NJ5
Release date: 2019-07-01
Last update: 2023-02-16