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The free DOWSER App is aimed at all interested emergency services who have always wanted to digitize their water intake points or who need a quick overview of existing water intake points on the way to the operation site, if the local network has already been updated. The DOWSER App provides you with a functional tool, which you can use conveniently on your Windows Phone while on the road as well as your Windows PC at the station.

A great advantage of the DOWSER App is the guarantee that no trial membership, long-term commitment or payment for the use will come your way. DOWSER is and will remain free of charge and its range of functions will not be restricted at a later time! This is made possible, thanks to a current research project, where the digitization of existing documents and materials from authorities in the area of fire-fighting stands in the foreground.

Range of functions:

Water intake points at the site

The DOWSER App provides you with the ability to show water intake points in your immediate surrounding on a street map. A separate listing of all water intake points in your vicinity allows maintaining an overview. With our newest feature the displayed water intake points in your vicinity are sorted by the distance from your location.
If you are on the way to the operation site, using the DOWSER App you can inform yourself at any time in advance about available water intake points. If you want to get a faster overview of the situation on the ground with the direct input of address data, the DOWSER offers this functionality. A click on a specific water intake point discloses the important details such as nominal diameter, flow rate, type of water intake point and other important information.

Enter water intake points

With the DOWSER App you have the ability to enter your own water intake points and in the long term you contribute to a complete digitization of all water intake points. Your personal profile keeps track for you of your already stored water intake points.

Rating of water intake points

A special highlight is the rating option in the DOWSER App for already registered water intake points. Mostly positive ratings cause that water intake points continue to be displayed in DOWSER. However, if the negative ratings outweigh, the respective water intake points will no longer be displayed by the DOWSER App. DOWSER thereby is pursuing the vision to not only provide emergency services with a functional tool, but also convinces with comprehensive information about the respective water intake points.

Trust the DOWSER App when water as a resource becomes the lifesaver.

DOWSER - When a situation becomes risky…

  • Water intake points at the site
  • Enter water intake points
  • Rating of water intake points
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Release date: 2017-07-07
Last update: 2019-01-31