Drive Password
Drive Password
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Keep your important information organized
Drive Password
Create your digital filing cabinet heaven
Share securely passwords with your teams
Drive Password helps your protect yourself online
Easily share passwords with teams or individuals
Enjoy the aesthetic and visually pleasing Dark Mode


Drive Password is a new generation of a secret manager. Entirely based on Google Drive, all you need to start using and protecting your passwords is a Google Account.

Easy to use - intuitive design and native apps
Available on any platform.
Complete control over your data - Drive Password is entirely based on Google Drive. All your information is first encrypted and then stored in your Google Drive.
Secure - Your data is sealed with AES-256 bit encryption

Essential features at a glance
● Organise you passwords with categories
● Endless subcategorization - folder/subfolder1/subfolder2/subfolder3……
● Password Generator for creating secure passwords
● Import from variety of password managers
● Export all you passwords
● Password strength indicator
● Second auth mechanism - password / pattern lock / 2FA
● Share categories and accounts
● Full control on the shared categories/accounts

Recommended for teams
● Sharing - Securely share and manage account information, logins, secret keys, backup keys, and more with other team members.
● Access control - Complete control on who can access and/or edit the securely stored information in your Drive Password account.
● Priority Support - Having a problem? Got questions? Get the help you need when you need it, fast!.
● Two-factor authentication - Choose the most convenient 2FA method to securely access your account.

Only you can access your data. Neither we, nor Google can peak at the secrets and passwords you store in Drive Password. Period.

  • Password Manager
  • On-device encrypting and decrypting
  • 2 Factor Authentications
Product ID: 9ND1259JN8JV
Release date: 2019-10-31
Last update: 2022-03-12