DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager Free
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DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager
DualSafe Password Manager


Elevated permissions are required to install and run DualSafe Password Manager.
DualSafe Password Manager is a free, simple, secure, strong, and smart password manager. With DualSafe Password Manager, you will never have to worry about forgetting your numerous passwords again. It can store and auto-fill unlimited passwords for free. Just remember one master password, and you can access all your passwords quickly, easily, and securely. In addition to managing your password, you can also save your secure notes, payment info, and personal info to DualSafe Password Manager. You can keep all your secrets here.

◆Why Do You Choose DualSafe Password Manager?

►Store unlimited passwords: Securely remember your passwords and login information. No more forgetting passwords for your Email, work, social media, and TV show accounts. Passwords auto-sync between Chrome, Edge, and other major browsers.

►Auto-fill forms: Auto-fill in logins and personal information. No more spending time typing Emails, phone numbers, and addresses. You can check new emails, shop online, and share photos anytime, anywhere.

►Generate strong passwords: Quickly generate random unique, complex passwords and even Time-based One-Time Passwords. No more data breaches caused by weak passwords. Your personal information is always safe on the Internet.

►Dark web monitor: Monitor data breaches and protect your account. You will be well-informed and have complete control of your digital life. Once there are any credential leaks associated with your account, you’ll know immediately and take precautions.

►Password health check: DualSafe can check each password’s strength and the security status of associated websites, and display tips on how to make your accounts more secure. Keep your accounts safe and prevent personal information leaks.

►Emergency access: Share your password vault with people you trust. Allow team members, your family, and close friends to access your passwords and information. It’s convenient to manage your digital property.

◆How DualSafe Offers Trustworthy Password Management?

► Your Data is Safe with AES-256 and HTTPS
Your data security is our top priority. With the zero-knowledge security architecture, DualSafe Password Manager encrypts your data using AES-256 with a unique key that is randomly generated based on your account and password of DualSafe Password Manager. All of this is done locally on your side, thus no one else, including all members of DualSafe Password Manager team, can access your data.

When syncing your data, DualSafe Password Manager re-encrypts your data via HTTPS and then syncs your data seamlessly between your devices. So your data security is guaranteed during all processes. The only thing you should do is to keep your account and password of DualSafe Password Manager safe.

► It’s Easy-to-use & Smart
The interface of DualSafe Password Manager is intuitive and user-friendly. You can import data from your browsers or other password tools with just 1-click, so you can manage passwords and all your important information just in this one place - DualSafe Password Manager.

The browser extension of DualSafe Password Manager makes things more simple. With the browser extension, you can auto-save, auto-fill, and auto-update the login data and payment info safely. When you sign up an account for any service, it will suggest a strong random password to ensure the security of your account.

In addition, DualSafe Password Manager can help you save and auto-fill the one-time passwords for the sites with two-step verification turned on.

DualSafe Password Manager offers a perfect balance between convenience and security.

► Data Auto Sync Anywhere
DualSafe Password Manager syncs your data seamlessly between your devices, which enables you to access your data from anywhere, quickly and securely.

► Keep Your Passwords Strong and Secure
DualSafe provides you with advanced password management, generates strong and random passwords of different lengths and character types, checks your weak/reused passwords, and sends data breach alerts.

► Password Health Check
DualSafe Password Manager provides a few useful tools including Password Health to check the following risks and notifies you to update the related data:

Compromised Websites - Check whether there is data leakage on the website you added in DualSafe Password Manager. If any, it will promptly remind you to update the related information.

Vulnerable Passwords - Check the database for leaked passwords and remind you to update them to avoid dictionary attacks.

Weak Passwords - Check whether you are using simple passwords like 123456 and abc123 which can be cracked by hackers easily.

Reused Passwords -Check whether you are using the same password for many sites. If one site is hacked, your accounts on other sites are also unsafe.

Unsecured Websites - Check whether the site is unsafe by still using HTTP. This kind of site is unsafe and may be hacked easily. Password Health offers you the option to open them with HTTPS.

Websites Support Two-step Verification - Two-step verification adds a second layer to the safety of your account. Password Health will check and remind you to turn on two-step verification for the available sites.

Expiring Data - Check whether your passwords are updated regularly and remind you to update them. It is recommended to update your passwords every 90 days.

► Dark Web Monitor
Nowadays, data leakage occurs frequently. It is very important to know whether your data are leaked. Dark Web Monitor helps you check for leaked data (usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), and notifies you of the leakage in time. This service is provided by Have I Been Pwned, so you can get all leaked results even if the data is not added in DualSafe Password Manager.

◆Premium Support

You can connect with our dedicated support team via https://www.itopvpn.com/support

  • Unlimited data storage of logins and info
  • Auto-save and auto-fill your passwords
  • Local storage and AES-256-bit encryption
  • Auto data sync between devices and browsers
  • Generate strong random passwords
  • Generate Time-based One-Time Passwords
  • Password health check for vulnerable passwords
  • Notify personal data leaks in the Dark Web
  • Emergency access to share the password vault
  • Master Password to protect your data
  • Recovery Code to reset the master password
  • Easy data export from other password managers
  • Support 32 menu languages
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