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Simple interface to view and process your data
Based upon the award winning StreamDeck hardware


The E-LOG is a simple one-touch keypad to record onboard status and activity.

Timestamped : sail changes, current helmsmen, watch changeovers, charging starting/ending, and other parameters not recordable by instrument system logging.

Fully customisable icons, and log text, with multiple pages and folders. The E-LOG can be fully personalised BY YOU for YOUR onboard needs.

Based upon the acclaimed Stream Deck hardware connected to your onboard PC via USB 2.0. Nest buttons in folders or on separate pages for total clarity. The functionality includes various dimming levels and a sleep mode.

This app is required to read the log file that is created, and allows it to be exported for onward analysis. Stream Deck & E-Log plugin REQUIRED

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Product ID: 9PJNB78NBKBP
Release date: 2022-10-31
Last update: 2023-02-01