Eguasoft Baseball Softball Scoreboard
Eguasoft Baseball Softball Scoreboard
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Eguasoft Baseball Softball Scoreboard is a powerful piece of software that helps individuals keep score, etc during baseball/softball matches.

This program is built on a tabbed display that lets you toggle between the control panel, settings, history logs, Help, and the list goes on. The interface is user-friendly, meaning that any type of person can easily learn how to work with it, without encountering issues or needing previous experience.

The design of the main board is highly customizable, seeing that you can change the font style and team logos etc.

In conclusion, Eguasoft Baseball Softball Scoreboard is a useful piece of software that helps you keep score in baseball/softball matches.

This is the trial app. You can try all functionality with time-limit. When you buy app from Store, all functions can be used without a time-limit.

Product ID: 9MXH47TC6S2T
Release date: 2018-07-24
Last update: 2022-03-13