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The main screen when in a game.
The stats input page, which shows the stats for the 5 active players and the shot chart
After a shot is entered on the shot chart, the user is prompted to enter who took the shot
The app bar allows you to navigate to different sections and see 'Quick Stats'
In Shot Analysis the shot chart and shooting statistics can be filtered
In stats overview the statistics can be filtered by period and exported to a CSV file
Stats Analysis orders the players for each statistic
Create Teams with multiple re-usable lineups
Load finished games to review their stats


Elev8 allows coaches to quickly and efficiently record and track basketball statistics. Taking stats on paper is time consuming and often requires multiple stats takers. Analyzing stats can also take time, as totals and percentages are not available at a glance. Elev8 is designed to make stats taking possible for a single person. Shots are recorded on a shot chart, which prompts for rebounds and assists. This helps the stats taker to quickly record all stats associated with a shot. Work is minimized through a display limited to active players, avoiding the need to hunt through rows and columns to find the right stat and player. The shot chart can be filtered by player, shot type and timeframe. Coaches can quickly analyze their team’s performance, breaking down the score and stats by quarter, or by sorting stats to see who is performing the best. Totals and percentages, as well as an efficiency rating, are calculated on the fly.

  • Quickly and Efficinently record standard basketball statistics
  • View only active players, speeding up input
  • Record shots using a shot chart
  • Filter shot chart by player, shot type and time frame
  • Prompts for shot related stats such as a rebound after a missed shot
  • On the Spot and in Depth Analysis
  • See 'Quick Stats' at a glance from the app bar
  • Calculate percentages and totals on the fly
  • Score breakdown by quarter
  • Sort players by individual statistics
  • Easily undo and remove shots and statistics
  • Use quarters or halves
  • Tag games to group statistics
  • Export stats as a CSV file
  • Keep track of the opposing team as a whole
  • Assign statistics anonymously if you don't know who to award them to
  • Customize the input view
  • View team total statistics for multiple games
  • Add custom statistics to games
  • View player total statistics for multiple games
Release date: 2013-08-14
Last update: 2019-02-20