EP Calipers
EP Calipers
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Time interval measurment
Heart rate measurement
Measure mean heart rate
Measure amplitude
Measure QTc
Marching caliper showing AV dissociation during VT
Transparent window over a document opened in a web browser


EP Calipers provides electronic calipers for measuring intervals on images of electrocardiograms (ECGs) or electrophysiologic recordings. In the electrophysiology lab electronic calipers are included as part of the recording system. EP Calipers provides similar electronic calipers for use on your Windows computer. The electronic calipers of EP Calipers are more accurate, easier to use, and less dangerous than mechanical calipers (no sharp points!). EP Calipers can open and analyze ECGs stored as image files (e.g. JPG or PNG) as well as PDF format, including AliveCorâ„¢ mobile ECG recordings. Transparent windows can be used to make measurements on images on your desktop or in a web browser.
NOTE: This app is not compatible with Windows S.

  • Analyze images of ECGs in JPG, PNG, BMP, or PDF format
  • Zoom, rotate, move ECG images as needed
  • Add as many time or amplitude calipers as you need
  • Precisely calibrate and make measurements
  • Toggle between interval and heart rate measurements
  • Measure mean rates and intervals (e.g. in atrial fibrillation)
  • Measure corrected QT interval using 4 different common formulas
  • Change caliper colors, line width
  • Save or print caliper images
  • Measure images on your desktop or in a web browser using transparent caliper windows
  • March out rhythms using marching calipers
Product ID: 9NBLGGH4XJ2H
Release date: 2017-01-10
Last update: 2022-07-26