Fair Football Coach
Fair Football Coach
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Rugby Union - Prepare the team line-up prior to kick off.
Create more exciting plays than this one...
Print/Export your awesome plays!
A game in progress...
Switch to Stats Mode at any time for a different view.
Manage player details. Import data from contacts or data files to save time.
An interrupted game of Rugby League. Injury perhaps?


Use this free and easy to use app to help manage your football team.
Fair Football Coach assists with play and substitution timings to facilitate fair game-time for the whole team when unlimited substitutions are permitted.
See a visual representation of your team on the field and drag player markers to numerous zones on the field to change positions, make substitutions and record goals or points.

Experiment with player positions using various team formations (soccer) and keep notes on your teams, players, and games. Export game or season wide statistics to enable further analysis.

  • Game timing, scoring and substitution tracking for Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union
  • Coach's playbook (sketching and printing)
  • Management of player lists including registration ids and contact details
  • Importing and exporting player lists in CSV format
  • Exporting game or season wide statistics to CSV format
Release date: 2013-05-08
Last update: 2022-03-11