File Shredder
File Shredder
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File Shredder
File Shredder
File Shredder
File Shredder


The easiest way to permanently and securely erase files from your computer, usb, and network shares. Simply drag ‘n’ drop files, folder, or entire drives and File Shredder gets on with the job.

It’s become easy to recover deleted files; you may think you’ve deleted a file in Windows, but for performance, Windows only removes the index, it simply forgets the file exists. That allows file recovery tools, including the Windows built-in tools, to easy search the computer for deleted files and recover them.

File Shredder overwrites the data the file originally held, then cleans the metadata (file creation times etc.), and then deletes the file. This ensures file recovery tool cannot recover the original data or fingerprint.

  • Securely shreds everything inside the files
  • Securely shreds the Windows metadata
  • Permanently removes the file
  • Super fast
  • Multiple writes of random data you control
Product ID: 9P9227RW49NK
Release date: 2021-01-25
Last update: 2022-03-12