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Fluid Diffusion
Fluid Diffusion
Fluid Diffusion
Fluid Diffusion
Fluid Diffusion


*** First thing first, this app requries a Stable Diffusion Web UI as a server either running locally or remotely. It DOES NOT generate image by itself. ***

The goal of this app is to be the most fluid, intuitive and user friendly frontend for Stable Diffusion on mobile devices.

You need to make sure you have “–listen --api” added to your webui-user.bat and that’s all you need to configure.

What you get, is a continuous flow of AI generated images. Simply scroll right to get new ones and scroll left to visit history. You can modify prompt and settings and command it to generate new (with another seed) or generate again (with the same seed).

New update comes with a proper prompt editor that allows you to tweak weights with ease and select embeddings from a dropdown list while you type. You can also save generated images as templates for future use.

  • Use Stable Diffusion the same way you use your photo library
  • Advanced prompt editor that make adjusting weights super easy and efficient
  • Embedding suggestions while you type
  • Save templates for later use
  • Set and forget cache management
  • Save images to your library
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